Thursday, 15 November 2007

El Caballo Golf Course

At least once a week - more if I can get away with it - I love to have a game of golf. I'm crap at it but really enjoy it. We played at various public courses in the Perth Eastern suburbs until we discovered El Caballo Golf Course, Great Eastern Highway, Wooroloo. What a great course and the biggest amazement is hardly anyone uses it. That is really good as there's no queing up, no balls whistling overhead - BUT - my big fear is they will go bust and we'll have to go back to the very 'ho hum' other courses. So if you live in the Eastern suburbs it's really worth the drive.
Bring a can of Scram though ....  :0)
( This the Par 3 2nd hole ) 


The Machiavellian said...

as a fellow golfer (U.S.), that looks like a nice course. My buddies and I took a trip to Pinehurst, South Carolina in October and course after course was near empty! Golf heaven.

Some pics here:

Unknown said...

You're so right Bryan it's great playing on uncrowded courses - South Carolina sounds great !

Marion said...

OMG, I envy you!!!!
Why worry about commissions when you have sun and a golf course like that!
Here it's cold, dark, wet and misty ^*#!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Marion - I feel your pain, I grew up in a similar climate - yuk !!! ( this will make you feel worse, I took that photo in our mid winter ..... )
Thanks for dropping in....

Unknown said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your site today. Do you still play at this course? I play there regularly and it's fantastic. Check out the club's website for more pics and details.

Unknown said...

Hi Robyn
Thanks for dropping by. I still play at least once a week up there, usually the 'good nine'.
Certainly one of the most picturesque course around.
If you see me playing keep your head down - especially if you're standing near a lake !!!!