Sunday, 23 December 2007

My studio

This is my work area in about it's normal state, I don't let it get too disorganised as I can't find anything at all. People often ask me what type of computer I use and, like a lot of graphic artists, the tool of my choice is a Macintosh. I couldn't envisage using anything else and am an incorrigible 'Machead' !!
For the technical it's a MacPro 2 x 2.66Mhz dual core processors, 7 gigs of RAM, 4 x 250 Gig internal hard drives with two flat LCD screens a Dell 24" and an Apple 20" - I'm hoping to replace the Dell with a 30" Apple in 2008. Cost a fair bit but I spend a lot of time sitting in front of this lot and the quality, reliability and ease of use pays for itself - it's good gear.
Also I use an Epson 4800 printer and a Wacom Intuos 3 A5 drawing tablet.
The caricature of me on the wall was done by Vin Altamore of New Jersey, USA it's one of my favourites -check out his link.


Vincenzo said...

Merry Christmas Mate...I hope the coming year brings you and your family everything you need & desire!!

...and I'm deeply honored to have found a place on the studio wall!!

All the best

Steve Hearn said...

Hey Tel! Trust your having a great Christmas Holiday season with all that bloody sunshine! Have a great New Years and we hope to catch up with you again soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks Vin - and belated wishes to you and yours - maybe catch up for a 'warm milk' at the convention in 2008 !!

Steve bloody sunshine alright - Boxing day was 44C, or 111F in the 'old money', you can keep that !! Look forward to a quiet Ale in an Essex pub next year.