Friday, 9 May 2008

Beautful misty autumn morning

Nothing to do with caricatures - I went, with my wife Nola, for a morning walk through the forest near Darlington Winery. There was a lovely mist that had all lifted by 10.30am. Luckily I had my camera took four shots and stitched them in CS3 ( you've got to try Automate > Photomerge it certainly beats the software that comes with my Canon ). This huge granite outcrop looks, when the mist clears, across the Helena River Valley. Not a sound and only a short distance from a city of 1.2 million people. Makes us realise why we left suburbia - magic !
(The original is a huge file - click on this little 'un to make it a bit bigger )


hanzz said...

Hey that's beautifull !
Making panoramas is something I love to do too !. I use autostitch for that. Works magic !
Thanks for a wonderfull view of your country.

Unknown said...

Thanks Hanzz, after a long hot summer a nice cool misty morning scene is very welcome.
I've done a lot of Panoramas over the last four years and I must set up a web page to put them all on. A blog really doesn't do 'em justice.
CS3 certainly deals with them better than any other software I've come across, particularly in link with all the RAW file corrections within Photoshop.

Marion said...

Yes, great to see these panoramic pictures of your country1 Funny idea that you're heading winter while we here in Europe are finally (and hopefully 'cause you never can be sure of it) enjoying a long hot summer.
Keep posting these photos, meanwhile I'll try to post some lovely dutch scenery on my blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks Marion - having come from the the northern hemisphere the reversal of seasons takes some getting used to. After 35 years I've got the hang of it ... January is HOT !!!
Popped another 'Pano' on the blog but I will set up a web page for them.
Look forward to seeing your shots Marion.