Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Panoramas .....

In October Nola and I enjoyed a fabulous cruise around the Eastern Mediterranean on the 88,000 tonne Costa Atlantica - it was brilliant and we're now big fans of this style of holiday.
 I took the opportunity to take some more panoramas - lots of 'em - here are the first two. 
The top one is Santorini in the Greek Isles taken from the ship, the bottom one shouldn't need a title !
I bought Photoshop CS4 last month, not a great upgrade I said at the time, for painting and my mainstream use - BUT - the automerge function for stitching panoramas has taken a huge leap so much so I've restitched all of my original panoramas. 
It even joined the old 'unstitchables' I could never get to work. Well done Adobe. Now just fix the paintbrush lagging or isn't a MacPro with 7 gig of RAM powerful enough !

A larger image of Santorini is HERE and the Pyramids HERE and if you click the magnifier is should double in size. The originals are over 1.2 metres long and just under 100 Mbyte.  ( I'm sure the small images used to link before - can't seem to do it now !!? )


Marion said...

Wow, it feels like I've never come as close to the pyramids as I do now. Great photos Terry!

Unknown said...

Thanks Marion - I'm trying to set up a website that will do them justice ... nice and BIG !!