Sunday, 4 October 2009

'I'm a lumberjack !!'

A Photoshop job of Canadian caricaturist Kelly Gannon.
Kel is a fellow Blogger and is very supportive of the camaraderie that exists amongst caricaturists world wide - which is why we visit each others blogs and, between jobs, draw each other.
Check out Kel's blog from the links on the right.


Kelly Gannon said...

Wow Terry!! No wonder you're such a busy guy....that's a fantastic caricature, I can see why you have so many satisfied customers.

Unknown said...

ha,ha,ha - my pleasure Kelly - I'll be interested to see how the 'Retro Tel' turns out !!!

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's that in his hair? A monstrous head lice?

Kamal Dollah,

Unknown said...

LOL - it's so cold there the little beasties have to hide wherever they can !!!!

Angie Jordan said...

Hey! I know that guy! He's a great, talented person!
Great likeness Tel!

Unknown said...

Hi Angie - ol' Kel seems a great guy (though I've only met him in the cyber world !) - I'm glad you reckon it's a good likeness.
... and a Merry Christmas to you too !!