Thursday, 4 February 2010

The big CAT ...

This is the backdrop to a current commission I'm working on. A Caterpillar 793D one of those big beasties that keep the mining industry in this state churning along producing the $ !!! ( so their employees can keep buying caricatures )
It took a lot longer to do than the actual job justified but I can reuse it for similar jobs - I can hear the purists mumbling already - I know.
It's business my boy !

It doesn't look so 'pretty' up close - the original was done as a large 300dpi in PS4. I have bought Illustrator to do these, but, I still haven't got around to learning how to drive it yet !


ïoO said...

Amazing, one more time!!

ian said...

Wow! I thought it was a photo. Great detail. The up close is proof that its a painting and that's great!

I work in illustrator a lot in my day job and I'm curious to see what you do with it as far as caricature is concerned - if that's the plan.

Unknown said...

Thanks Julien.

I popped in the final Ian - not the most dynamic commission - but it illustrates the Haulpak is just a big 'prop'. We have a huge mining industry in this state ( I'm talking bigger than Texas here ! )and there are literally thousands of these things rumbling around.
Clients from mining love them in their caricatures - that's three I've got stored away .... including one upside down - don't ask !!