Thursday, 25 March 2010

Peter Collier

It's great to have the opportunity to do some 'me' work. This is a shot at Peter Collier, the West Australian Minister for Energy. Responsible for a massive jump in electricity bills - really popular guy !
I've got about ten of these to do, all WA personalities, to populate my new website.
Next one is Alannah MacTiernan - who has just left State politics to aim for Canberra. She has a face that screams half a bottle of Chardonnay !!


Bãpp said...

an amazing work Terry,
love the expression on his face !!!
I see also an other style ??????
Jan :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jan - yep a little more painterly / loose style = fun to do !

Dominic Philibert said...


Unknown said...

Thanks Dom - this was a change in style for me - I'm glad you liked it, that's important !