Tuesday, 20 July 2010

.. another ho hum job !!

I try and make a genuine effort to keep the old Blog populated with some recent stuff, but, of late it's all been fairly hum drum jobs. This one turned out well with limited input from the client - ' here's a couple of photo's, put him in a nice suit and a glass of red, oh and no background'.
They were really happy with it but you can't help feeling apprehensive when given no direction - been there before !
I want one of those Gillard Goose jobs ..........


Bãpp said...

great jo as always Terry,
jan :)

Matt Ryder said...

Very nice indeed Tel, great body (the drawing not the man !)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jan.
Cheers Matt - done a couple like that lately trying to taper the lower body away so it gives the impression of height without taking up so much of the canvas - a la
Seiler ( I wish !)

Rick Wright said...

Good one!!

What are "Gillard Goose" jobs??

Unknown said...

hahaha - thanks Rick.
"Gillard Goose" - Julia Gillard is our new prime minister my good mate Anthony Pascoe got commissioned to do her a a goose - top job too