Monday, 7 February 2011

Vinny !

A bit of play in CS5 with multiply and a pencil brush on a parchment background.
A caricature of Vin Altamore an American caricaturist I have the utmost admiration for - and a nice bloke to boot !
He's the king of the cross hatch check out his stuff HERE
My unworthy attempts at emulating his style - sigh !


ian said...

I think you got a good likeness, at least from what I've seen on the web! Good job with the Altamorish crosshatching too!

Vincenzo said...

I am very honored my friend...I hope having to stare at the reference didn't cause many sleepless nights!!!

All the best always Terry!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ian and you too Vin !

I roughed the sketch out on holiday last year Vin then lost the reference but found it on ISCA buried deep, deep - as I said an unworthy attempt - of course you were much younger then ...................... :0)

Vincenzo said...

Hahahaha...weren't we all :)