Monday, 12 December 2011

Early Christmas present .....

As a renown 'Machead' and devotee of all things Apple, I couldn't really see the point of the iPad.
A surfeit of Qantas FF points - and not wanting them to go the way of my Ansett one's - I lashed out and bought one with points from the Qantas shop.
What an amazing little machine - it actually hasn't been out of my hands since I got it last week.
Nola wants to try it but she's still waiting for me to put it down !
What have I achieved with it ?
Nothing - but what a top little time waster .....................


Niall O loughlin said...

It's the best thing I ever bought, unfortunately the wife and kids agree, so I don't get to use it much!
Hope you have a great great Xmas.

Unknown said...

Cheers Niall a big Marry Christmas to all of the O'Loughlin tribe
They're clever buggers at Apple - one of the best Chrissy toys I've had in long time !!