Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Birthday with ............ transvestites !!!

A Perth woman celebrating her 40th at a Disco Fever party with two transvestites - one who had to have been a Rugby League player !!! The photos supplied by the client were really blurry but he reckons I made such a good job of the ' Trannies ' he has real concerns for me !!!!! - he's not the first to say that ....... :0)  ( these heels are a killer BTW !)


Kelly Gannon said...

I like how you "applied" the lipstick on the the yellow.

Paul Moyse said...

Haha! Great job Tel. Just wondering, did you have to do any reference shoots for this;)

Unknown said...

LOL - thanks Paul and Kelly - little bit different type of job ! The client supplied some 'interesting' reference material and 'Trannie 1' had loads of overspray of 'lippy'