Sunday, 23 March 2008

Police Sketch Artist

I come from a background of a Police Artist who now does caricatures - the reverse also works well. Made me smile - and is the basis of lots of Police Artist jokes.
ps .... found it on Tom Richmonds Blog 


Marion said...

This movie definitely proves that policemen have a sense of humour too;-)
Love it, made me laugh out loud!

Unknown said...

Thanks Marion that's made me feel better - my wife said you 'can't stick that sick Police humour on your blog - it's not even funny !'
It is - isn't it ?

Unknown said...

Hi Terry,
So when you were a police sketch artist, did all your drawings look like caricatures :)

Unknown said...

Some did Gabriel - if someone got attacked by an offender with big ears and and a big nose by the time they came to see me they looked like Dumbo !!!