Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tel by Amit

One of the great things about being a caricaturist is having a 'go' at other artists and receiving renditions of yourself. This shot at 'yours truly' was done by Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Amit Boniel.
Amit is just entering into the world of caricature and interestingly does all his work in vector - something I've not even tried.
Also he's very kind, especially with my face, and great attention to detail - left handed - spot on.
Thanks Amit !


Andrés Spata said...

Tel, muy buenos tus trabajos!
Saludos de Argentina!

Unknown said...

Muchas gracias Ungre - saludos de Australia !

Bãpp said...

great job,congrats Terry,
jan :)

flats said...

I love the humour in this one Tel. Doesnt he know you use good ol Grecian 2000 on the beard. I know you are flat out on the run up to Xmas Tel ( i saw your flash notice on your web site)I just wanted to get an early best wishes to you and your family in. Im up a ladder at the moment with the wrong sort of paintbrush in my hand, oh wll, it keeps the missus happy . All the best mate!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Paul - Christmas, the celebrating etc, I haven't even thought about yet ....... but my very best to you and yours - keep that painting going !!!