Thursday, 11 August 2011

Glad to be home !!

Finally home, after what seemed a lot longer than six weeks away in the UK, attending to all the business of Dad's  death. Despite not getting any caricature work done whilst away and a huge backlog of jobs sitting here - great to be home ! Thanks for all the kind messages, phone calls and emails - you're a magic mob.

Some observations -

The levels of unhelpful bureaucracy in the UK makes Australia almost utopia like by comparison.

Lawyers are robbing bastards on all continents.

The A380 is one hell of an aircraft - makes the London - Singapore haul nearly bearable.

I was there for the English summer - July 13th this year !

English pork sausages are bloody wonderful.

I'm no fashion icon BUT the English must be the world's worst dressers for warm (?) weather - socks with sandals is one of the better looking features. Do they have full length mirrors ?

English pubs are the best in the world.

I unintentionally lost weight over there so I think I've stumbled on a world beating diet for the male community - the Pork Pie and Kronenbourg beer diet.

Hopefully I'll get back to posting some artwork soon ..... stay tuned.


FatBoy said...

Great observations Terry. As a Brit myself who has been to Oz and have family there everything you say hits a frightening joke of truth. Thanks for the diet help I have been eating Pork pies and beer for a life time but never thought to only eat them and nothing else? Starting today!
As for fashion, now we have your Darren Lyons on Big Brother to give us fashion advice what could go wrong?
Its nice to have you blogging and drawing again although I was very sad to here of your loss. kind Regards.

Unknown said...

hahahaha - the 'observations of Tel' I might start that as a series.
I might out David I did supplement the diet with fish and chips and some black pudding - probably best to ease your way into it !!
THanks for dropping in mate.