Sunday, 15 February 2009

Check this out ...

I'm in the business of selling my caricatures, though I'm aware most of the traffic through my blog is other caricature artists from throughout the world - we all check on and are interested in what each other are up to. A wonderful international network.
On the weekend a Canadian caricaturist called in, left a couple of nice comments about my work, so I thought I'd check out his stuff, well, WOW !!!
I'm a big fan of Jason Seiler - his stuff is the sort of style where I humbly aim my work toward, with a bit of Kreuger, Jota Leal ( no he's probably a bit too stretchy for me !) and Jan Op De Beeck.
Well to cut a long story short check out this guy from Canada, Dominic Philibert, he's up there with them his blog is HERE. Enjoy !!
Oh if you're a potential customer come back here afterwards because he'd be VERY expensive !!!


hanzz said...

Yeah, I'm following his blog for a while now.
The toppers are not all Canadians, there's some good Belgians too (wink)

wink wink

Unknown said...

Tel, I just discovered his stuff last week and had the same feelings. His work is incredible.Wow. I knew you had good taste.

Unknown said...

Hahaha Hanzz - Belgium that's all chocolate and beer isn't it ? (wink)

We both obviously have Rich - not often you find a site with an abundance of top work - AND - you've never heard of him - very impressive.