Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mr & Mrs Fifty !

I had a little lull after Christmas - I thought 'uh-ho' here comes the recession but the old order book has filled up again and I won't need to get the begging bowl out until at least the end of April !!
I hope the class of 1959'ers prove as lucrative as the 58'ers when it comes to their 50th Birthdays. Here's the first two, a couple who share their 50th's in the same week - fishing and basketball fans.  


Anthony Pascoe said...

Excellent work as alway's Terry ! I really like the pose with this one. Just curious, how quickly do you get these done

Bãpp said...

Great work Tel,very nice composition !!!!
I like it and I am sure the costumers like it to,

Unknown said...

Thanks Jan and Anthony - 'customers' loved it !
Anthony that's about 16 hours all up, do the faces get the proof accepted, do the body poses, get that accepted, finish off. Not all in one hit - but about 2 days all up.

J.BOSCO said...

great is caricatures,Terry!

Unknown said...

Many thanks J Bosco I appreciate that.

Unknown said...
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