Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Colin Barnett Caricature

I finally finished the Colin Barnett caricature - threw away the gimmicky little body - I'm fairly pleased how it turned out despite being super self critical. Even typing this out I'm looking at the collar and tie thinking 'I should have done more there !'
It's part of an ACA exhibition running at the Ellenbrook Gallery from Friday 20th to the 21st of March. I have put it up for sale with all my proceeds to go to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
I also entered it with a couple of my earlier works that are not for sale.

I've also overcome the 'brush lag' problem in Photoshop CS4. When you have a Mac with more than 4 Gig of RAM you have to install a plug-in called VM Buffer, available from Adobe, to fix the annoying glitch. It also was in CS3 but Adobe don't advertise it or even have the plug-in on the install DVD. It's a dream to use now.


Anthony Pascoe said...

Great work as always Terry, much better with the head & shoulder composition...although I think your being pretty kind between the bottom of the chin and the colar.

Unknown said...

LOL -thanks Anthony you're probably right - I'm just too much of a bloody nice bloke to do this caricature malarkey as it should be done !!!
Then again I really save the sharpest pencils for the Labor side of politics ...............