Friday, 15 May 2009

Birthday collage ...

This was a biggie framed commission which came off OK after lots of adjustments by the clients. A real estate company that specialise in developing industrial properties - the CEO's 50th birthday.
I can come up for air for a few days and do a couple of 'ME' jobs and an entry for the Michael Collins Caricature award - just one this year - 'mixed media' is the buzz just don't mention Digital !!!


Luke Watson said...

Looks great mate.

I hear you about the Michael Collins this year, 'mixed media' is the way to go.

I had the organisers ring me last year and ask if I could explain how I did my entries because the judges thought I was manipulating photos.

Unknown said...

Thanks Luke
On the MCA I don't believe a digital has ever won a prize in the award - maybe we're just cynics !!
... or maybe we don't do 'proper' stuff !

Kelly Gannon said...

As always Tel...great job!

Patrick Strogulski said...

Many thanks for your visit and your nice comment on my blog Tel.
You have a great blog here and also a new fan. I will be back ;-)

Anthony Pascoe said...

Looks Fantastic Terry ! I really like the bald guys, great expessions !

Unknown said...

Kelly : Thanks mate !

Patrick : Thankyou - I was totally blown away by the stuff on your site - expect regular visits !

Anthony : Thanks mate - don't you, like me, get sick of smiles though ? The guy to the right of the 'main man' had a missing tooth and one misaligned - great I went for that in a big way - you guessed it. Sigh sometimes clients aren't fun !!