Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Eric and Ernie !!

May 28th is the 25th Anniversary of the death of Eric Morcambe in 1984. Twenty five years strewth where did they go - little known outside of the UK and probably to most people under 35. Eric was a brilliant natural comedian remembered with deep affection by those that grew up with him and his 'straight man' sidekick Ernie Wise. Sadly little Ernie passed away a few years ago too.
I had every intention of doing a caricature - that's the problem with good intentions.
A short clip - there's a ton more on YouTube.


Paul McCall said...

I used to watch Morcambe & Wise on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) in the 70s. Loved that show.

Unknown said...

Shows my ignorance Paul, never thought they ever got across 'the pond' - their stuff still makes me laugh.
Sadly missed and head and shoulders above some of the dross that's served up as 'comedy' now.