Sunday, 10 May 2009

Yesnomaybe !!

Quick - well quick for me - speedpainting exercise of a budding Perth caricaturist .......... who hides under the tag of , would you believe, yesnomaybe !!
Fun practice !!


trita51 said...

not bad for an "old bugger!" actually, it's wondrful!

Anthony Pascoe said...

This is great Terry !! I like the hatching effect long did you spend on this & did you set yourself a time limit ?

Unknown said...

not bad for an "old bugger!" ............... thanks Sofie !!

About 75 mins - which really isn't too speedy but I never really know when to stop and say 'That's it !!".

scott said...

Speed painting? If I ever tried this, my speed would be one week, not 75 minutes!

Brilliant work. I especially love the 'unfinished' lower and the way the tones blend with your background.

Mark Baker said...

had a look at your recent stuff, great work terry as always

Bãpp said...

Hi Terry,
thanks to follow my blog,and your work: GREAT LIKE ALWAYS !!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Scott - a week (yikes !)

Mark thanks for calling in - love the stuff on your blog - ever thought of doing caricature ?

Hi Jan - thanks for dropping by my friend - you certainly keep busy.

Angie Jordan said...

Nice shading Tel!
Love the 5 o'clock shadow!

Unknown said...

Thanks Angie - glad you took the time to 'drop in' - take care.