Monday, 6 July 2009

Happy clients .....

One of the marvellous things about being a caricaturist is some of the great people you draw and deal with. Here are some photos of recipients with the final framed caricature. All smiles - great to see.
As a general rule I've found my customers, people who order their friends or family a caricature as a gift, are almost all fun people and great to meet. They may put me 'through the hoops' during the commission but then again my proofing system invites that. The great thing is they come back for another one - three of these are from returning clients. Worth going the extra yard I guess.


Tony Mac said...

Who wouldn't be happy to recieve one of these as a gift, your paintings are superb as usual and framed up like that they look fantastic!, I am intrigued by your "proofing system" how does that work ?

Unknown said...

Thanks Tony - I'll have to get you as my sales director LOL !!!

I usually give the clients a proof of the face and then another proof of the final - it's been a hindrance and I've stopped proofing the faces, bugger 'em I'm the caricature expert, comments like 'you've made his nose too big' show they're not in tune with what's going on !!!