Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Mr AFL - Dennis Cometti

A bit of messing around - could never figure out why there weren't an abundance of caricatures of this Australian icon. Especially considering the head has been a bit battered - particularly the nose. Makes him a good target !
Dennis Cometti is the No.1 Aussie Rules TV commentator with an unmistakable voice - and face. This is the 'rough' for a more detailed piece - couple of bits need changing.


Anthony Pascoe said...

Centimetre Perfect Tel ! favourite Cometti-ism.."Those Essendon and Collingwood players are doing a lot of pushing and shoving. I guess somebody must have ordered a red with the fish"....and... "Brad Hardie decides to have a bounce. Look at him go. Amazing. Not bad for a guy who's built like a pirate's lunch table"

Niall O loughlin said...

Love the exaggeration in this Tel, hope all is well with with you mate!

Unknown said...

Thanks Anthony - some great one liners but overall he's the consummate pro with the mike !

Cheers Niall - rolling along, no trips this year though.