Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Commission & Chris Wahl's Brushes !

Part of a new commission, a speedway driver, nothing particularly different about that, I do a lot of them. What is different is I used new brushes. I regularly check on the Blog's of fellow caricaturists and 'earwig' anything new.
Chris Wahl of Sydney posts some great stuff on his. He, very generously, put up some of his Photoshop brushes for download, and, I thought 'must try them !'
Well the above caricature was the result using Chris's 'paint texture 6' and 'Hair 1'. The hair brush in particular makes a lovely job.
If you're a Photoshopper they're HERE - enjoy !!

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ramanjit said...

hey great blog awesome work,and thanx for the link(wahl brush)