Saturday, 27 June 2009

Just a wee caricature !

This is a caricature of Rowly, a caricature artist from the Highlands of Scotland. I spent way too long on it but was experimenting with some 'Seiler' effects. I really need more smudge / blur effects - it's no good I'll have to do the course !!
Should post a few more this next week or so I've been driven from the TV - can't help it I'm just not a tennis follower and my dear wife is a huge fan - roll on the end of Wimbledon. ( I've only just survived the French Open !)
I had grave fears she was watching porno the other evening from the sounds coming from the women players !!!!!
Why is there such a huge long void until the European Football season starts again .......


Bãpp said...

Amazing Work Terry,
great smile,
you nailed him,:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jan - fun face to do !!

flats said...

Simply Awesome Tel, BTW, sorry for lack of link but its there now mate

Marcello Souza said...

great this caricature!!!! nice job

Rick Wright said...

Nice one Tel. Great rendering!! I think you have the "Jason" effect down pretty good!! Thanks for sharing.

Dominic Philibert said...

Thanx Terry!
I'm feeling better and better.
I wasn't feeling the right side of my tung for 2 weeks.
They told me that I had a chance to stay paralysed but I thiink everything's fine now! I'm glad it's done... I restart painting like crazy again.
Very nice caricature!!!!!
Take care

Unknown said...

Cheers Flats

Thanks Marcello - glad you called in.

Cheers Rick you say the nicest things - don't believe you though !

Great Dom glad you're back on deck - look forward to checking out the Philibert production line.