Thursday, 4 June 2009

Something completely different ...

Part of a commission I'm doing for the 40th Anniversary of a large transport company - this is the backdrop to the five caricatures of the family who own it.
Faces are certainly easier !!


Anthony Pascoe said...

Wow Terry, look at all that detail !...looks must love drawing trucks now eh ! )

Unknown said... must love drawing trucks now eh !

...... eh ?

I didn't realise how many bits there are - AND - truckies know when you don't draw them right.
I've got two more speedway jobs and another truck !!
Looking forward to your next piece Anthony - you having a break ?

Nico Di Mattia said...

Stroooong!!!! Cool truck Tel!!! How many hours did it take you??

Unknown said...

Wow, is that amazing. I HATE doing anything like that, I see cars and trucks as boxes on wheels, you've done such a great job on this, I'm envious, again.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nico about 11 hours all up for both of them - the reference photos supplied for both of them were awful - that didn't help !

Cheers Rich - LOL I thought they'd be a doddle with a Cintique !!
It's a bit nerdy but I don't mind trucks what I really find a challenge is aircraft, I'm a bit of an aircraft buff but the proportions and perspective are so difficult. Watch this space !!

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome Terry!!!!!!!!!

Bãpp said...

That's total diferent Terry.
They are amazing !!!!!!!
Thanks for your comment on my blog,much appreciated, :)

manohead said...

Great job Terry

kencoogan said...

Tel, that looks ace!!
Roughly how long did this one take?
Is it all Photoshop?