Sunday 27 January 2008

Jim McGinty

My take on West Australia's Attorney General- Jim McGinty - probably the least popular State politician since Graham Kierath. Has been involved in more 'cock up's and gaff's' than you can poke a stick at - arrogant, self righteous with heaps of  'loony left' political correctness. 
He may have trodden in something that sticks to his shoe this time - let's hope so !

Farmer's Birthday

Just finished a new commission for a Sou' West Farmers 50th Birthday.
The family loved it.

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Geronimo !!!!!

Gerald Koller is a Police Officer from Vienna, Austria who caricatures under the name 'Geronimo' ( bit more dynamic than Tel, eh ?) ... his take on yours truly. 
Gerald attended the Kreuger ( .. the world's No 1 caricaturing guru !) Workshop in late 2007.
Check out his link

Monday 7 January 2008

Charity auction caricature

This is another caricature that was auctioned for charity, in this instance the winning bidder had a commission of their choice, in this case her Father for his birthday. Very well received - oh the charity was for Carson Street Education Support School P & C Assoc in East Victoria Park, Perth where my wife, Nola, is the school nurse so it had to be a good 'un !!!