Thursday 28 August 2008

New commission work ....

Here's a couple more caricature jobs that help keep the wolf from the door - a mining industry metallurgist and a long retired police officer who always wanted one. ( Incidentally dressed as a Police Officer should be, not the sad semi SWAT team 'tat' the current guys wear !! )
Currently I've got a pile of commissions on hand, in fact I've put the 'full up' sign on my website, one of which is a corporate job of huge proportions - sadly I  underquoted. All part of the learning curve. 
Lots of work, really busy, turning jobs away and I'm not rich - I can smell a price rise on the horizon !

Melbourne's Anthony Pascoe

One of the fun things about being a caricaturist is receiving lots of renditions of yourself - and of course - having a go at other caricature artists without the restriction of client instructions.
This is Melbourne based caricature artist, Anthony Pascoe. Yep I've had a little fun with him, but as most West Aussies will agree, when you get a chance always give it to a Victorian !
BTW Anthony does some stunning work - check out his site here.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Wedding Bells .... .. again !!

These are a couple of my favourite people - currently living in England but coming back to Perth to get married in November. This graphic is for the invites and a framed A3 original for the house. It's my wedding present to them ... a rare freebie !!!!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Bowlers & Footy coaches ...

Here's a couple of new ones that - after the car - were fun to do !
A junior 'footy' coach ( Aussie Rules),  the big clip board is for all the players to sign, and a lawn bowls fan commissioned by his family for his 70th birthday.

T shirt graphic ...

I once used to do badge and logo designs and found them such a hassle I decided to exclusively do caricatures - the only other artwork I do is for me ! Took this job on for a T shirt graphic for a car racing club, thought that should be simple. How wrong was that.
It took ages with lots of changes for the client - THEN - we get to the printer and all the changes to the format for CMYK processes etc.
Lesson re learned !

A bit of self indulgence ...

Football nuts of the world rejoice !!
This Saturday, the 16th, the famine is finally over the English Premier League kicks off for another season ....... for an indication of the passion just check out the Liverpool Kop in action - probably the best male voice choir in the world, certainly the biggest, I had the privilege of standing on it in the old terracing days - a noise that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up - awesome in the true sense of the word.
Where's my scarf and rattle - the Olympics - humbug !!

Friday 8 August 2008

More Weddings .....

Here's a couple more wedding commissions that I've just completed both are A2 size - for our North American friends that's 16.5" x 24" ( I grew up with that system it seems so archaic now ... when are you going to change ? ). Weddings really push through a lovely steady stream of work and there are four more in transit through the 'workshop' at the moment.