Thursday 11 August 2011

Glad to be home !!

Finally home, after what seemed a lot longer than six weeks away in the UK, attending to all the business of Dad's  death. Despite not getting any caricature work done whilst away and a huge backlog of jobs sitting here - great to be home ! Thanks for all the kind messages, phone calls and emails - you're a magic mob.

Some observations -

The levels of unhelpful bureaucracy in the UK makes Australia almost utopia like by comparison.

Lawyers are robbing bastards on all continents.

The A380 is one hell of an aircraft - makes the London - Singapore haul nearly bearable.

I was there for the English summer - July 13th this year !

English pork sausages are bloody wonderful.

I'm no fashion icon BUT the English must be the world's worst dressers for warm (?) weather - socks with sandals is one of the better looking features. Do they have full length mirrors ?

English pubs are the best in the world.

I unintentionally lost weight over there so I think I've stumbled on a world beating diet for the male community - the Pork Pie and Kronenbourg beer diet.

Hopefully I'll get back to posting some artwork soon ..... stay tuned.