Monday 31 May 2010

John Worsfold

This will sail over the heads of our overseas readers but Perth has two Aussie Rules Football teams - the Fremantle Dockers and the West Coast Eagles. The Dockers - of which I'm a follower - have not had a very glorious history. That is until this year when they are joint top and the accursed Weagles are very close to the bottom.
Things can't be much better for Dockers fans, winning most weeks is great but the icing on the cake has been the Weevils fans - oh they really handle it badly. It's wonderful, my thanks to this man John Worsfold, the Eagles coach, Monday mornings can't get much better. Thanks Woosha.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Boy George, Michael Jackson and friend !

I'm doing a 40th Birthday caricature for a client. The gift is for a big fan of eighties music so these two will be snuggled up to him in the final collage. Tight deadline, a couple of days for both and the birthday boy, great to have some extra celebrities to populate the new website ( I know I'll finish it one day ). I couldn't convince her to have Rudd and Abbott in similar dress as I've got them half finished.
Abbott as MJ in that pose with budgie smugglers - what a thought !

Here's the final ........... the party I'm told features a Boy George impersonator - the things people do for a crust !!

Sunday 23 May 2010

That's a big 'un !

A recent commission for a fisherman's 50th birthday - the fish is a Spanish Mackerel which are caught along the Indian Ocean coast North of Perth. Great fighters and BIG !
If all that sounds like I'm an avid fishing fan you couldn't be more wrong - I catch mine with $2.00 worth of chips and a crab stick.

... and another 50th Birthday caricature for the owner of a crane hire company.
1960 was a busy year !!

Saturday 8 May 2010

Man Utd fan ..........

Here's a new commission I had to be sedated for !!
I can handle the Union Jack BUT Manchester United strips should incur a double fee penalty.
Can't stand the club or Chelsea or in fact any of the greedy big money clubs that have turned the EPL into, at most, a four horse race in the last ten years. Gee and we used to joke about the Scottish League !!
Soap box session over - quite enjoyed putting it together and the client was really happy.

Wednesday 5 May 2010

'Live' caricaturing .....

I did a recent 'live' caricaturing job for a major bank at the Old Swan Brewery - a great location on the river - the photographer took some shots of me at work ( or play ! ). Great crowd there and I enjoyed myself , not many shots of my drawings but take it from me they were really good !
The T shirt a souvenir from the 2008 ISCA convention, my uniform, gets lots of comments. The hat - cuts down on glare !
Thanks to Peter Phoenix Photography for the shots.

The shirt is a Rock Kowulz (ISCA Member) original !
I'm amazed how many people don't know what a Proctologist is - 'Opposite to Dentist' !!