Tuesday 24 July 2012

Emo, the CIA and the last hurrah !!

This is Dave Emerson - 'Emo' - a renowned cartoonist from the Hunter Valley north of Sydney.
A character in every sense of the word - he lives in constant fear of a CIA cell that he's sure operates in his street.
They have a new weapon !!

The Blog activity has declined over the last 18months and Blogging may have run it's course.
I've got two websites to overhaul and am dipping my toes back into the labyrinth of Facebook mainly to get a business page operating. I've had serious advice there's money in that !

Thanks for dropping by over the last six years.

Couple more recent commissions

A local commission for a 60th Birthday and a 40th gift for a truckie from South Australia.

Some more Galaxy Note subjects ..

Some more samples of caricatures done on the Samsung Galaxy Note this time from Carousel Shopping Centre in Perth last week.
Sadly that is the end of the promotional work with the Note.
Enjoyed it !

Wednesday 11 July 2012

They grow up quickly .....

I've dropped back into proud Grandparent mode - here's young Oliver at almost six months.
He's a happy little tacker but sadly he's had a few health issues with a bowel problem that has required a couple of fast ambulance trips. Long story but it should be hopefully resolved soon.
His indoctrination into the Tractor Boys has commenced ............... you'll also note he's gone for Grandad's hairstyle in a big way !