Thursday 17 December 2009

Nurse, Nurse - I've finished !!

The joy and exuberance of finally finishing the heap of commissions I had lined up in mid November has lead to another post ! ( well there is one that's still hanging about but that's the client not me ..... )
I've done a series of caricatures for a chain of medical centres (hence the nurses !), Queensland Ironman competitors and Dad and the dogs amongst quite a few others.
This is a collage of the one's I liked the best - though there's a Saturday Night Fever themed one that I really liked that is sitting all framed up to be collected - I can't seem to find the digital original - wait until you get old.
Now a fortnight off ( I love saying that my North American friends haven't a clue what that is !)
Merry Christmas.

Sunday 13 December 2009

Christmas Robot !!

This is a commission with a difference the client wanted her partner depicted as a robot - actually it was fun to do and no one can challenge the proportions and how good the hands are !
If I don't post again before the big day - I wish a brilliant Christmas to all of my three readers and their families !
Enjoy !

Monday 7 December 2009

Tel 'live' - well there's a pulse anyway !!

Over the lead up to Christmas I've done eight 'live' caricature shows for private parties and corporate functions. Here's some samples.
I really forgot to take the camera out of the bag most of the time - peak output was 16 an hour - average about 10.
Still not sure if I enjoy doing it - though the people are great ( and so's the money !!) but I'm nowhere near as comfortable with the end product as my studio work - too much of a perfectionist I guess regardless of the little voice in my head saying 'forget the portrait' I still head that way.
It's all studio work until Christmas and then some heavy practice before 2010 'live' shows.

Thursday 3 December 2009

A bunch more ...

Still wading through the Christmas jobs. Here's a collage of bits and pieces. I'm down to three, as yet to start, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel and heading off to the golf course this morning to see if the 'ol clubs still work.
I've started a couple of celebrity caricatures which I'm looking forward to getting really stuck in to including a Tony Abbott - it'll be great not to have to 'proof' them !

Saturday 28 November 2009

Well it's almost Christmas ...........

I've had a good couple of months and decided to replace the old G4 Powerbook. It's still going strong after six years of being carted around the world being dropped, scratched and generally abused. These days Photoshop makes it squint a bit so I've bought a 13" MacBook Pro - nice bit of kit I must say !
With a trip to Europe next year and a couple of illustrative non caricature jobs that require me to display to groups on an overhead projector ( more on that in a later post ) it's the ideal foil for the MacPro I run in the studio.
It's also just so pretty !!!!!

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tel by Amit

One of the great things about being a caricaturist is having a 'go' at other artists and receiving renditions of yourself. This shot at 'yours truly' was done by Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Amit Boniel.
Amit is just entering into the world of caricature and interestingly does all his work in vector - something I've not even tried.
Also he's very kind, especially with my face, and great attention to detail - left handed - spot on.
Thanks Amit !

Friday 6 November 2009

Some Christmas Commissions ...

Here's a quick collage of some completed Christmas commissions - twelve more to do and that's it - at this time of year drawing with both hands would be an asset - sadly the right one is for scratching with. The phone has not stopped and I really must resolve to be far more organised next year .... six more 'live' shows to do also - I seem to remember having a retirement party about three years ago !!!!
There is a reason for all this Nola has acquired a taste for cruising the Mediterranean so it's off we go again in 2010 - we all have our crosses to bear - looking forward to it.

... more El Caballo golf !!

The par 4 fourth at El Caballo golf course, one of my favourite holes, nice dog leg to the left - pity is I'm a slicer !! I really miss getting out there as much as I should but with commissions and live shows golf is taking a priority drop ( how sad is that ??). In January when it's 40C (104F ) - I'll probably have lots of time to play.
Incidentally played a week ago and got a warning as we left the clubhouse - watch out for snakes lots around at the moment - searching for the ball in the rough was cautious !!!

Tuesday 27 October 2009

This'll 'boar' you - sigh !!

Part of a commission I'm doing featuring a wild pig hunter and his five dogs - my attempt at a tasteful death scene !
If I had to do this to get my ham and bacon I'd become a Vegan - but then again 'No Bacon' !!!!
Sketched out using Sketchbook Pro - lovely software.

Monday 19 October 2009

Breast Cancer Month

Now that's got your attention !!
October is Breast Cancer Month - at least it is here in Australia - this disease is the most common cancer in women and kills at least 2,600 per year in Australia alone.
My wife, Nola, was diagnosed with it in 1998 - a terrible shock for us both - after surgery to remove the lump and an extensive course of very debilitating chemo and radiotherapy she thankfully made a complete recovery.
In July this year - 11 years later - another lump was found in the same breast. After a lot of heart searching, and a few tears, we made the decision for Nola to have a bilateral mastectomy ( both breasts removed ). The surgery was done and some ten weeks later she's back at work and on the road to a total recovery. The cancer, which was in it's infancy, was totally removed negating a need for chemo therapy. Very dramatic surgery but a small price to pay for having your very best friend still around.
I know this disease has touched a lot of families, a lot more than I knew before 1998, and if caught in time is not by any means a death sentence. Please urge your wives, mothers, daughters and sisters to have the regular check ups and learn self checking, particularly once they reach 40. There is no more worthwhile cause to donate to - trust me !!

Sunday 4 October 2009

Ongoing commissions ...

Here's another collage of commissions, just gone or in the final stages of completion. The weather has picked up, spring is here, so a bit of golf is in the offing.
I've just flicked on Google Ads again so I expect the usual Christmas rush and - shock of shocks - I'm doing three 'live' shows this month. No undo button - strewth it's a worry !!

'I'm a lumberjack !!'

A Photoshop job of Canadian caricaturist Kelly Gannon.
Kel is a fellow Blogger and is very supportive of the camaraderie that exists amongst caricaturists world wide - which is why we visit each others blogs and, between jobs, draw each other.
Check out Kel's blog from the links on the right.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Rocky Horror wedding ??

I've not been posting the usual 'run of the mill' commissions but this one was a little removed from the standard. The client wanted a standard wedding pose but then found out someone else had ordered a wedding caricature so changed the theme. The photos supplied indicated the couple had a pretty hectic social life living over in London and went to a lot of fancy dress parties - voila - a Rocky Horror theme.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Really, really different ...

This commission is right out of the 'comfort zone'. An oil exploration / engineering company that are great clients for caricatures were in a flap to get an urgent diagram for a new building proposal for approval.
' The caricature bloke can draw I wonder if he'll do it ! ' - received on Thursday, completed on Monday - A2 & A3 prints and digital copies.
BTW never again - how mind numbingly tedious CAD work must be - Nola reckons she had never heard so many expletives on one job !! (actually it would be easier in CAD - if you could drive it - Photoshop was grunting with all the layers )
One of life's little experiences ..............

Friday 18 September 2009

Bangalore Monkey !!!

This is a caricature of William Appledorn a young caricaturist from the US who uses the tag of Bangalore Monkey. Had a bit of fun with his face but I'm still the original 'lazy bugger' when it comes to drawing necks !!
William's a versatile artist with a great variety of accomplished styles - check out his blog from the links to the right.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

More cars ...

Just finished another vehicle picture to feature in a car dealers caricature, Photoshop again as I haven't had time to get my head around Illustrator yet. I'm sure that software will make a better job of the reflective surfaces.
This was the Holden HQ Monaro circa 1972 a really hairy chested machine from the era when petrol was cheap and anyone could afford a 350 cubic inch ( 5.7 litre ) V8. They made a great rumbling note which sadly went when all the anti pollution gear went on later generations.
I don't know if this was a bona fide colour for the Monaro but that green was on a V8 Holden Sandman I owned in the late 70's - happy days !!

Here's up close .....

Wednesday 9 September 2009

New commission

One of the problems with commissions is the poses / themes that clients want - it's very hard to explain to clients why some just won't work. This client left it up to me - it was for a 25th wedding anniversary and I went with a 'lean on me' scenario which they loved. It allows the faces to work well at a good size without having to fall back on the old 'little bodies' scenario.
Looked great framed with the legs and grass extending off under the mat.
This will feature prominently when I finally update my website - which is well overdue and populated with old stuff. Having said that 90% of my work stems from it.

Monday 7 September 2009

Arsene Wenger Caricature

Two Black & White's in a month - a rendition of Arsene Wenger the manager of Arsenal in the English Premier League. Arguably one of the best coaches in the world and certainly gets his teams playing a very entertaining brand of football.
Pencil sketch rendered in PS4.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

No more squinting .........

After a period of indecision - do I need a Cintique etc ? - I've finally decided to head for larger screen acreage. A new 30" LCD to go with the 24" which now runs in portrait mode alongside.
I must admit they were a bit overwhelming when I first started using them both. How quickly you get used to them though. Brilliant for putting large collages together and having lots of reference stuff up while your working. Watching TV on the second one - poser eh ?
They are both Dell's - the 24" I've had for over three years, just a few problems with the USB hub ( they replaced the monitor after 2 years ). The 3 year warranty is pleasing.
I haven't flipped to the 'dark side' though the smart bit that works it all is the MacPro under the desk.
Remains to be seen if it improves the quality of the work but all the lights in the street dim when I turn it on !!!

Monday 17 August 2009

Alfred Hitchcock

You can get so bored doing commissions, I really haven't got the time to do this - but - I saw E-Caricatures are doing an on line competition of 'ol Hitch so here's my attempt. Good experience doing a grey scale for a change - I'm not going to bore you with all that 'values' stuff !!!
Back to those jobs on the desk.

Thursday 6 August 2009

Truck caricature ....

Earlier this year I did a series of caricatures of the family and staff of a statewide trucking company to commemorate their 40th Anniversary.
To mark the occasion they had one of the caricatures painted on their newest truck - nice little byline.
The company, Marley's Transport, at one time were the Guinness World record holders for the longest Road Train. One of their Kenworth's hauled 45 trailers measuring 610 metres for 8 kilometers - hell of a job to back that !

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Sir Bobby Robson ... RIP & Thanks !

It was a sad day last Friday when I heard of the passing of Sir Bobby Robson. Sir Bobby was one of the greatest football managers of our time and though he went on to great success as England manager and clubs such as Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Porto and Newcastle United he will always have a special place in the heart of every Ipswich Supporter.
It was a privilege to follow the club through the 14 years of unprecedented success he gave us 'Tractor Boys'. The teams he produced are the stuff of folklore in Suffolk, they punched way above their weight and the big clubs visits to Portman Road were a source of trepidation - lovely stuff. A big thankyou from this life long Town fan. Rest in peace.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Commission pile !!!

At the moment I'm snowed under with commissions. I don't like the Blog to go too long without a post so here's a collage of current jobs. I have another 22 I haven't even started - I just counted them - strewth I must charge more !
Full up until at least mid September which is great. I can't sing the praises of Google AdWords enough I turned it off three weeks ago. Compared to all the other forms of advertising it, for me, is streets ahead. I'll be hard pushed to justify paying for Yellow Pages next year I really get so little from it. People don't look in phone books these days do they ?
Golf may suffer though !!

Saturday 18 July 2009

Nico Di Mattia

My humble attempt at the face of Nico Di Mattia in response to his magnificent attack on my face. I received a hi-res version from Nico - that fine brush work is something special.

Thursday 16 July 2009

Gawd it frightens small children !!!

Anyone who visits this Blog will know I'm a great admirer of brilliant young Argentinian Nico Di Mattia, I was going to call him a caricaturist, but he's more than that with a broad range of fabulous skills.
I am very honoured that he's done the above to this rugged old head - really chuffed, top job Nico.
Check out the work of this genius at his Blog and Website.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Mr AFL - Dennis Cometti

A bit of messing around - could never figure out why there weren't an abundance of caricatures of this Australian icon. Especially considering the head has been a bit battered - particularly the nose. Makes him a good target !
Dennis Cometti is the No.1 Aussie Rules TV commentator with an unmistakable voice - and face. This is the 'rough' for a more detailed piece - couple of bits need changing.

Friday 10 July 2009

Calm down Tel !

One of those jobs where you go 'you beauty' but then realise you've got to restrain yourself and not follow natural tendencies. It's a 21st Birthday presentation caricature and a cool response was requested. I shook !!!

Monday 6 July 2009

Happy clients .....

One of the marvellous things about being a caricaturist is some of the great people you draw and deal with. Here are some photos of recipients with the final framed caricature. All smiles - great to see.
As a general rule I've found my customers, people who order their friends or family a caricature as a gift, are almost all fun people and great to meet. They may put me 'through the hoops' during the commission but then again my proofing system invites that. The great thing is they come back for another one - three of these are from returning clients. Worth going the extra yard I guess.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Mrs Slocombe

A speed painting exercise that I probably couldn't have picked a more difficult subject for. Caricaturing a caricature. Mrs Slocombe is the role that Mollie Sugden made part of British TV folklore in the very dated 'Are you being served'. Mollie died this week aged 86.
She had more 'pussy' one liners than most blue stand up comedians !
In a week when the world is grief stricken over the death of a talented but very strange man, who you would have wanted under Police surveillance if he lived in your street, Mollie and a couple of others got overlooked.
Not at all happy with it BTW - but there you go !!

Little Un's ...

Something I've not really done many of is child caricatures - these are from a recent commission. I found them really difficult - you can get away with a slip or two on an adults face but it screams at you if you do it on a kids face.
We, caricaturists that is, often struggle with beautiful women. When doing children, particularly when the clients are the parents, is even harder.
After a bit of tweaking they loved them !

Saturday 27 June 2009

Just a wee caricature !

This is a caricature of Rowly, a caricature artist from the Highlands of Scotland. I spent way too long on it but was experimenting with some 'Seiler' effects. I really need more smudge / blur effects - it's no good I'll have to do the course !!
Should post a few more this next week or so I've been driven from the TV - can't help it I'm just not a tennis follower and my dear wife is a huge fan - roll on the end of Wimbledon. ( I've only just survived the French Open !)
I had grave fears she was watching porno the other evening from the sounds coming from the women players !!!!!
Why is there such a huge long void until the European Football season starts again .......

Friday 19 June 2009

Kim Jong II caricature ......

Now this is different, I made an effort to add to my 'celebrity' file. Kim Jong II North Korea's crackpot leader.
This is the only smiley reference I could find and it's a few years ago. Have you seen the state of his teeth I wouldn't be heading to Pyongyang for any cheap dental work. Unless you really like green !
I have it on good authority they're building a Halitosis bomb - true !!

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Ford Mustang Dragster !!

This is yet another vehicle caricature, but a fun one to do. This is the driver and engineer of a drag car race team, you'll note the drivers on the wrong side, no wonder those American car companies are going broke they've been building them back to front !!!
I've just lashed out buying Adobe Illustrator CS4 with the influx I've had of vehicle drawings. It makes a far superior job on producing cars, boats, trucks - all manner of mechanical devices. You can always bring it back into PS to put in all those little embellishments that finish off a job so well.
I paid the extra for the manual, as a former Freehand user, I'll need it.

Mr Justa AKA Tony Mac

This is Tony Mac from Gloucester in the UK, a keen caricaturist and visitor to this blog (gotta look after your readers !). Got lazy finishing off around the neck - I'll fix that Tony !

Thursday 4 June 2009

Something completely different ...

Part of a commission I'm doing for the 40th Anniversary of a large transport company - this is the backdrop to the five caricatures of the family who own it.
Faces are certainly easier !!

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Commission & Chris Wahl's Brushes !

Part of a new commission, a speedway driver, nothing particularly different about that, I do a lot of them. What is different is I used new brushes. I regularly check on the Blog's of fellow caricaturists and 'earwig' anything new.
Chris Wahl of Sydney posts some great stuff on his. He, very generously, put up some of his Photoshop brushes for download, and, I thought 'must try them !'
Well the above caricature was the result using Chris's 'paint texture 6' and 'Hair 1'. The hair brush in particular makes a lovely job.
If you're a Photoshopper they're HERE - enjoy !!

Wednesday 27 May 2009

'Voluptuous' 50th commission ....

Now I know I said I wasn't going to bore you with commissions but I'm not getting a chance to do much else of late so here's a fiftieth birthday that's just gone out the door.

Eric and Ernie !!

May 28th is the 25th Anniversary of the death of Eric Morcambe in 1984. Twenty five years strewth where did they go - little known outside of the UK and probably to most people under 35. Eric was a brilliant natural comedian remembered with deep affection by those that grew up with him and his 'straight man' sidekick Ernie Wise. Sadly little Ernie passed away a few years ago too.
I had every intention of doing a caricature - that's the problem with good intentions.
A short clip - there's a ton more on YouTube.

Sunday 17 May 2009

'Flats' AKA Paul Flatley .....

Catching up on arrears of caricaturists caricatures ( .. try saying that quickly !) - this is Paul Flatley a fellow member of ISCA who hails from 'Oop North' in England.
Tried a few different ways of doing this - about 3 hours all up.

Friday 15 May 2009

Birthday collage ...

This was a biggie framed commission which came off OK after lots of adjustments by the clients. A real estate company that specialise in developing industrial properties - the CEO's 50th birthday.
I can come up for air for a few days and do a couple of 'ME' jobs and an entry for the Michael Collins Caricature award - just one this year - 'mixed media' is the buzz just don't mention Digital !!!

Sunday 10 May 2009

Yesnomaybe !!

Quick - well quick for me - speedpainting exercise of a budding Perth caricaturist .......... who hides under the tag of , would you believe, yesnomaybe !!
Fun practice !!

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Fore ..... then the' ol' onion bag !'

Another, rush job, commission I've just finished for a golf playing, soccer loving, M&M eating, Weeties King .... a Birthday gift from his staff. Oh he eats dry Weetbix for breakfast too !!

.... well this all changed. I was really pleased with the golf one - the clients didn't like it ( though it was their requested theme ) so we went to a soccer theme. On proofing they often want a few minor modifications - first time a whole new body has been requested. The quote form has been adjusted so if that happens again I get adequately paid.
'The ol' onion bag' - goal net - an expression used by an Irish commentator Tommy Smyth on ESPN (possibly the worst soccer commentator in the world !!)

Thursday 23 April 2009

60th Birthday Commission .....

This is a 60th Birthday commission for a rock & roll fan who loves to barbecue.
Leather jacket and the tight jeans and Elvis pose.
Trying to keep pace with the productivity of Dominic Philibert's Blog - no chance whatsoever really !!

Tuesday 21 April 2009

On the catwalk ....

Just finished this one, commissioned by the family, to celebrate her graduation as a fashion designer. Pleased how it turned out and enjoyed a nice play in Photoshop - too much hair though !

Monday 20 April 2009

Scribble, scribble, scribble ......

No I haven't retired - been away for a short relaxing break in Busselton - great !
Here's some of the latest commissions just to stop the Blog healing up !!

Friday 3 April 2009

I'm the victim again .......

I realise now why I grew a beard !
The above rendition of yours truly was done by fellow ISCA member Paul Flatley - Flats - from Lancashire, England. Thanks mate - I think !

Wednesday 1 April 2009

It's April Fool's Day !!!

Well it is - that must account for me doing a black and white hand drawn commission, well hand drawn in Artrage anyway. No colouring or rendering and to be used for a T shirt print for a couple of rugby fans.
They loved it and will be back for a 'proper' job !!
Apologies to Bundaberg Rum for grabbing their polar bear icon !