Tuesday 27 October 2009

This'll 'boar' you - sigh !!

Part of a commission I'm doing featuring a wild pig hunter and his five dogs - my attempt at a tasteful death scene !
If I had to do this to get my ham and bacon I'd become a Vegan - but then again 'No Bacon' !!!!
Sketched out using Sketchbook Pro - lovely software.

Monday 19 October 2009

Breast Cancer Month

Now that's got your attention !!
October is Breast Cancer Month - at least it is here in Australia - this disease is the most common cancer in women and kills at least 2,600 per year in Australia alone.
My wife, Nola, was diagnosed with it in 1998 - a terrible shock for us both - after surgery to remove the lump and an extensive course of very debilitating chemo and radiotherapy she thankfully made a complete recovery.
In July this year - 11 years later - another lump was found in the same breast. After a lot of heart searching, and a few tears, we made the decision for Nola to have a bilateral mastectomy ( both breasts removed ). The surgery was done and some ten weeks later she's back at work and on the road to a total recovery. The cancer, which was in it's infancy, was totally removed negating a need for chemo therapy. Very dramatic surgery but a small price to pay for having your very best friend still around.
I know this disease has touched a lot of families, a lot more than I knew before 1998, and if caught in time is not by any means a death sentence. Please urge your wives, mothers, daughters and sisters to have the regular check ups and learn self checking, particularly once they reach 40. There is no more worthwhile cause to donate to - trust me !!

Sunday 4 October 2009

Ongoing commissions ...

Here's another collage of commissions, just gone or in the final stages of completion. The weather has picked up, spring is here, so a bit of golf is in the offing.
I've just flicked on Google Ads again so I expect the usual Christmas rush and - shock of shocks - I'm doing three 'live' shows this month. No undo button - strewth it's a worry !!

'I'm a lumberjack !!'

A Photoshop job of Canadian caricaturist Kelly Gannon.
Kel is a fellow Blogger and is very supportive of the camaraderie that exists amongst caricaturists world wide - which is why we visit each others blogs and, between jobs, draw each other.
Check out Kel's blog from the links on the right.