Thursday 20 January 2011

A belated Happy New Year !!

A belated Happy New Year to my three readers - first resolution for 2011  'I must regularly update my Blog ' - Fail !!

I have, for no reason I know of, had an unprecedented upsurge in commissions - in fact it's trebled from last year - there's a switch been flicked somewhere. I turned off Google Adwords two weeks ago ( that'll do for January I thought ) and they're still coming in. I've declined eight jobs this week alone, referring them to other caricaturists. As of 1st of Jan I also put all my prices up across the board - could that be it ?
I re jigged my website a couple of months ago and it certainly seems to have helped - I mustn't complain or the 'switch' might get turned off !

Here's a few of the faces from jobs passing through - jobs booked through until next year and 'chokker' until March - you beauty !

On a more sombre note yesterday I 'celebrated' my 60th Birthday - the kids want me to apply for a role on Grumpy Old Men because I sound like - and agree with - all of them !

I promise to update again very soon .......................... but if I forget you'll know why !