Thursday 26 May 2011

It's like a bonus !

It's always nice to get messages like this ............ from the family of the gorgeous 50 year old in the collage below.
It's always good to hear - I often look at the the copies and think 'I wonder how that was received ?'

Monday 23 May 2011

Three more ..

Here's three more recent commissions minus all the paraphernalia people love to have strewn around the victims - I always reckon they look better on their own. There again - they're paying !!

A golfers 60th Birthday, a retiring ophthalmologist (eye doctor - I'm just showing off !) and a glamorous 50th Birthday caricature.

Happy victim ....

This is a recent caricature I did of West Australia Vice President of the ACA (Australian Cartoonist Assoc) Mick Horne - he loved it.
I tried really hard to caricature him but, bugger me, it's a portrait  !

Monday 16 May 2011

Some new jobs ...........

The Blog's not abandoned !
Been busy of late - here's a few samples including a couple of graphics for print and websites. Digital delivery in .png format.
The guy top right is a commissioned caricature of Stephen Hill of the Fremantle Dockers an up and coming young star of Australian Rules Football.
Currently I have a bundle of commissions that'll take me through to early July.
Luvely chubbly !!!