Monday 26 March 2012

Still out here ............

Here's a few more recent commissions - been busy but really guilty of neglecting the Blog.

I have just finished refurbishing my ageing MacPro (1.1 circa 2006). After waiting an age to decide an upgrade path, given Apple's iPhone and iPad obsession, their computers are a little neglected.
Mind you with the squillions they're making who can blame them.

Well doubled the RAM to 14 gig, replaced the video card (to one that can actually handle the two monitors) and then the 'piece de resistance' putting in a 256 Gb solid state drive. 
Well what a difference - it's like taking off the hand brake - so glad I didn't go down the iMac track.

It will now run 2 x 30" monitors, and if I became flash with capital also a Cintiq, the additional biproduct of this would be heating for the entire home in the winter !