Thursday 28 February 2008

Another Birthday

Now I'm not sure what Birthday milestone this one was - I think a 60th - commissioned by the Son and Daughter who are both depicted standing behind Dad. Lovely clients to deal with and they were so happy with the final. I hope Dad loves it.

The Wedding Chauffeur

A caricature presented to the Chauffeur from a bridal couple who left the ceremony in a 1966 bright red Ford Mustang. Yep your right the car was the hard part - hate drawing Fords :0) ! 

Everyone is 50 in 2008 !

1958 must have been a real belter in the maternity hospitals - I've had a string of 50th birthday caricatures - this one, a Mart Feldman lookalike, didn't actually need a lot of caricaturing. The client said this will be an easy one for you he's a natural caricature !

yet another Wedding ....

The Groom and his four Groomsman for an upcoming wedding.
Always getting five into a collage without it looking too 'stiff' or too cluttered is a problem.
Not sure if this worked or not.

Monday 18 February 2008

Now that's a smile

And here's the final finished - with - pet dog and the bridge as well.

Half way through a wedding commission for a Sydney couple. The bride has such a great smile I couldn't help popping it on the blog. I'll post the full collage later when I've finished it.

.... another couple of fifties !!

50 - the big five zero - that time in life where you've got most of the stuff you want and caricatures make great presents - for the man ( or woman) who has everything ! (... and a lot more memorable than ties and socks ..... or a health club membership - yeh right, what are they telling you !)
A fisherman bought by his wife and an Eagles fan, bought by his mates, who really wanted 'the business' on him. Love those !

Saturday 9 February 2008

Fireman's retirement

Caricature of a retiring Perth fireman - took a while to create the Perth Armageddon scene in the background - ain't Photoshop wonderful !!! 

Sunday 3 February 2008

Another Wedding ....

A different reversal of roles here .... one that could only occur in the world of caricature !!