Thursday 27 November 2008

Bat and Photoshop CS4 ...

Just got the latest Photoshop version CS4 after busily loading all my brushes set about a quick caricature of Bat Hilliard a fellow NCN member who is from North Carolina USA. One of the politest, humble guys you're likely to meet - far too nice - probably has several axe murderers in his family background.
CS4 seems to work OK, several modifications to the GUI and handling of windows - I don't know if it is the quantum leap I was expecting or worth the upgrade. I'm just a hopeless victim when it comes to updating software !!!

Thursday 20 November 2008

Old Moulton mouldies !!

Last Friday night, along with Nola, I had the pleasure of a reunion with old student friends from Northamptonshire Agriculture College, Moulton. We met at a lovely village pub in Cambridgeshire and a great meal and mass nostalgia was enjoyed. I hadn't seen most for 35 years, as the booze flowed the stories of old got better and better.

Returned home on Tuesday and am reluctant to inspect the damage to the Visa card !
Great to be back, visited a lot of places, but there's nothing as good as Australia out there ... I wish our dollar was as good though, an embarrassing little thing compared to the Euro, Pound and US Dollar ..... lift your game Kevvy !!!

More at the Con'

One of the great things about the NCN convention is the great characters you meet this is one,  Kid Cardona, originally from Texas and now a resident of China where he runs a thriving caricature business. Pictured here conducting the final night auction .... the wild west is not dead !!
One of the really nice people at the convention was Liesbeth Beckers  AKA Leesbat. She hails from Belgium, speaks five languages, picked up a studio piece award. Nice lady.
Gee I struggle with one language !!!

Yours truly with Bisch - a walking drawing factory - and Scott Hamilton NCN treasurer and accent and language collector. Great people .......
With the entire trip lasting almost 7 weeks I have over 1000 photos off two cameras more to come when I do some sorting.

My humble offerings ....

In the intimidating, and inspiring,  environment of the convention these were my humble efforts. Caricatures of Rock, Bill, Adam and Rick. Not really happy with them and the product of a last 24 hours rush - the unthinkable happened the old faithful Mac G4 laptop crashed with a 'stack failure' ( whatever that is ?) after not saving for about 4 hours. Sigh !!!

The most caricatured 'head' at the convention - thanks to a previous life as a 'standover man' - Rock Kowulz. He loved it - top bloke !
My other main subject Bill LaRoque pictured here with myself , Nola and Bill's lovely partner Sharon ...... they were both great company for the week.

NCN Convention - Raleigh North Carolina

The wonderful work  of caricaturing superstar and Golden Nosey winner - Jason Seiler
The incomparable Court Jones shows his versatility with this selection
Paul Moyse turned himself into a monk for the week churning out these works and earning a place amongst the gurus .... hate the bloke !
Fred Harpers 'wall' - I've never come across his work before - amazing stuff.
Could do with a haircut though !