Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bat and Photoshop CS4 ...

Just got the latest Photoshop version CS4 after busily loading all my brushes set about a quick caricature of Bat Hilliard a fellow NCN member who is from North Carolina USA. One of the politest, humble guys you're likely to meet - far too nice - probably has several axe murderers in his family background.
CS4 seems to work OK, several modifications to the GUI and handling of windows - I don't know if it is the quantum leap I was expecting or worth the upgrade. I'm just a hopeless victim when it comes to updating software !!!


Anonymous said...


You nailed that Bat alright... I mean about his family background. He's a hill-billy that lives up in the woods. Exceptionally charming guy.

Enjoy your new toy.


Unknown said...

Thanks Kamal ( .. I think ! )
CS4 is taking some getting used to - I'm not sure I really like the new tabbed windows - I'll persevere though.

Maritze said...

Great blog, I enjoyed looking around. I see you went to the NCN convention... I always wondered about going... one day.

Anyway, great work!

And thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

Thanks Maritze - if you get a chance you really must go to a convention - you'll be both inspired and demoralised !! (Sigh !!)
Thanks for reciprocating my link - love your stuff.

Bat said...

Tel thanks for the drawing man! (not so much for the reputation tho!) Such an honor, my friend!

Unknown said...

My pleasure- glad you appreciate it mate !
( .... you needed some 'bad boy' on your image............... )