Sunday 20 November 2011

National coverage ....

Now I didn't get to the Stanley's in Sydney this year - didn't even get an entry in - but The Australian ( our only national broad sheet) did an article in relation to the awards weekend. It featured cartoons and caricatures of cartoonists and included two of mine. The 'biggie' was one I did a few years ago of Roger Fletcher 'Fletch' as Torkan's Dad. Fletch has just celebrated 35 years of drawing the Torkan strip.
The other was one I did of Peter Broelman, again a few years ago.

Got a few phone calls so I bought my annual copy of the paper !!!

Sounds like it was a great weekend and a big congratulations to the brilliant Anton Emdin for taking out the 'Cartoonist of the Year' Gold Stanley - Anton, being only a young bugger, better build a big trophy cabinet. Check my links for a drool over his work !!!

1990 SS Commodore ............

Final of the 'face' in the sample below - they loved it.
The car takes longer than the face - and it's always the 'bit' they're most particular about.
Gotta get my head around Adobe Illustrator since my beloved Macromedia Freehand has 'died' under OS X 10.7 'Lion'.  Progress my @#$% !!