Saturday 24 September 2011

Wedding live show

In a determined drive to keep the old Blog active here's a few shots from a gig at a wedding last night. Performed the caricature duties with ISCA & ACA compatriot Jeremy Goodchild complete in his standard orange tea cosy.
Beautiful Caversham house by the river in the Swan Valley.
Note to myself - Photograph them BEFORE they put the caricature in the plastic enclosure.

Friday 23 September 2011

A few more Commissions ...

Here's a few more commissions that are heading out the door - the Kombi and the TukTuk ( in West Coast Eagles colours too !) were a challenge !

Face Machine .... what ?!!

I've been getting a few inquiries for bulk orders for  Christmas Caricatures, you know the sort of thing 'all the staff want one each' - web page doesn't really accommodate that so I made up a collage of faces as a PS template so I can to attach, as a .jpg, to the quote email.
The old a pictures worth a thousand words eh ?

Thursday 8 September 2011

Normal service has resumed !!

It takes about 4 weeks to 'pick up the slack' after a period away - so full production is back to normal. Sadly I didn't get an entry into this years Stanley awards - disappointed with that - had two 'pearlers' roughed out, knowing my luck they'll be forgotten personalities by this time next year !
Live show work is going well - 7 gigs in the last month and a good list of bookings up to Christmas.
Bills to pay etc etc ...........................

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Southern Rock Lobster !

Better put something in !!
Doing a few commissions - had call for including illustrations of couple of Crayfish / Southern Rock Lobster - totally different beastie from the Northern Hemisphere Lobster  - no big claws and tastes better too !!