Saturday 27 June 2009

Just a wee caricature !

This is a caricature of Rowly, a caricature artist from the Highlands of Scotland. I spent way too long on it but was experimenting with some 'Seiler' effects. I really need more smudge / blur effects - it's no good I'll have to do the course !!
Should post a few more this next week or so I've been driven from the TV - can't help it I'm just not a tennis follower and my dear wife is a huge fan - roll on the end of Wimbledon. ( I've only just survived the French Open !)
I had grave fears she was watching porno the other evening from the sounds coming from the women players !!!!!
Why is there such a huge long void until the European Football season starts again .......

Friday 19 June 2009

Kim Jong II caricature ......

Now this is different, I made an effort to add to my 'celebrity' file. Kim Jong II North Korea's crackpot leader.
This is the only smiley reference I could find and it's a few years ago. Have you seen the state of his teeth I wouldn't be heading to Pyongyang for any cheap dental work. Unless you really like green !
I have it on good authority they're building a Halitosis bomb - true !!

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Ford Mustang Dragster !!

This is yet another vehicle caricature, but a fun one to do. This is the driver and engineer of a drag car race team, you'll note the drivers on the wrong side, no wonder those American car companies are going broke they've been building them back to front !!!
I've just lashed out buying Adobe Illustrator CS4 with the influx I've had of vehicle drawings. It makes a far superior job on producing cars, boats, trucks - all manner of mechanical devices. You can always bring it back into PS to put in all those little embellishments that finish off a job so well.
I paid the extra for the manual, as a former Freehand user, I'll need it.

Mr Justa AKA Tony Mac

This is Tony Mac from Gloucester in the UK, a keen caricaturist and visitor to this blog (gotta look after your readers !). Got lazy finishing off around the neck - I'll fix that Tony !

Thursday 4 June 2009

Something completely different ...

Part of a commission I'm doing for the 40th Anniversary of a large transport company - this is the backdrop to the five caricatures of the family who own it.
Faces are certainly easier !!

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Commission & Chris Wahl's Brushes !

Part of a new commission, a speedway driver, nothing particularly different about that, I do a lot of them. What is different is I used new brushes. I regularly check on the Blog's of fellow caricaturists and 'earwig' anything new.
Chris Wahl of Sydney posts some great stuff on his. He, very generously, put up some of his Photoshop brushes for download, and, I thought 'must try them !'
Well the above caricature was the result using Chris's 'paint texture 6' and 'Hair 1'. The hair brush in particular makes a lovely job.
If you're a Photoshopper they're HERE - enjoy !!