Saturday 28 November 2009

Well it's almost Christmas ...........

I've had a good couple of months and decided to replace the old G4 Powerbook. It's still going strong after six years of being carted around the world being dropped, scratched and generally abused. These days Photoshop makes it squint a bit so I've bought a 13" MacBook Pro - nice bit of kit I must say !
With a trip to Europe next year and a couple of illustrative non caricature jobs that require me to display to groups on an overhead projector ( more on that in a later post ) it's the ideal foil for the MacPro I run in the studio.
It's also just so pretty !!!!!

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tel by Amit

One of the great things about being a caricaturist is having a 'go' at other artists and receiving renditions of yourself. This shot at 'yours truly' was done by Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Amit Boniel.
Amit is just entering into the world of caricature and interestingly does all his work in vector - something I've not even tried.
Also he's very kind, especially with my face, and great attention to detail - left handed - spot on.
Thanks Amit !

Friday 6 November 2009

Some Christmas Commissions ...

Here's a quick collage of some completed Christmas commissions - twelve more to do and that's it - at this time of year drawing with both hands would be an asset - sadly the right one is for scratching with. The phone has not stopped and I really must resolve to be far more organised next year .... six more 'live' shows to do also - I seem to remember having a retirement party about three years ago !!!!
There is a reason for all this Nola has acquired a taste for cruising the Mediterranean so it's off we go again in 2010 - we all have our crosses to bear - looking forward to it.

... more El Caballo golf !!

The par 4 fourth at El Caballo golf course, one of my favourite holes, nice dog leg to the left - pity is I'm a slicer !! I really miss getting out there as much as I should but with commissions and live shows golf is taking a priority drop ( how sad is that ??). In January when it's 40C (104F ) - I'll probably have lots of time to play.
Incidentally played a week ago and got a warning as we left the clubhouse - watch out for snakes lots around at the moment - searching for the ball in the rough was cautious !!!