Wednesday 18 January 2012

It's a boy ........

A little bit of self indulgence here - Oliver William Dunnett - our first grandchild.
Born last night at Mercy Hospital, Perth.
Mum & Dad and young Oliver doing really well ...... grandparents ecstatic !!!

Some 2012 stuff ...

Here's a few commission jobs to kick off 2012 - top right is another magazine cover 'roast' I'm really trying to promote - particularly to corporate clients. It helps side step all that peripheral clutter that so many people want to load into caricatures - not only does it visually pollute the finished job - it takes so much tedious time. 
Would you believe we have professional caricaturists advertising they'll put all that 'crap' in for - no charge ! Strewth they must be short of work.
Grumble over ............................. 

Friday 13 January 2012