Tuesday 28 July 2009

Commission pile !!!

At the moment I'm snowed under with commissions. I don't like the Blog to go too long without a post so here's a collage of current jobs. I have another 22 I haven't even started - I just counted them - strewth I must charge more !
Full up until at least mid September which is great. I can't sing the praises of Google AdWords enough I turned it off three weeks ago. Compared to all the other forms of advertising it, for me, is streets ahead. I'll be hard pushed to justify paying for Yellow Pages next year I really get so little from it. People don't look in phone books these days do they ?
Golf may suffer though !!

Saturday 18 July 2009

Nico Di Mattia

My humble attempt at the face of Nico Di Mattia in response to his magnificent attack on my face. I received a hi-res version from Nico - that fine brush work is something special.

Thursday 16 July 2009

Gawd it frightens small children !!!

Anyone who visits this Blog will know I'm a great admirer of brilliant young Argentinian Nico Di Mattia, I was going to call him a caricaturist, but he's more than that with a broad range of fabulous skills.
I am very honoured that he's done the above to this rugged old head - really chuffed, top job Nico.
Check out the work of this genius at his Blog and Website.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Mr AFL - Dennis Cometti

A bit of messing around - could never figure out why there weren't an abundance of caricatures of this Australian icon. Especially considering the head has been a bit battered - particularly the nose. Makes him a good target !
Dennis Cometti is the No.1 Aussie Rules TV commentator with an unmistakable voice - and face. This is the 'rough' for a more detailed piece - couple of bits need changing.

Friday 10 July 2009

Calm down Tel !

One of those jobs where you go 'you beauty' but then realise you've got to restrain yourself and not follow natural tendencies. It's a 21st Birthday presentation caricature and a cool response was requested. I shook !!!

Monday 6 July 2009

Happy clients .....

One of the marvellous things about being a caricaturist is some of the great people you draw and deal with. Here are some photos of recipients with the final framed caricature. All smiles - great to see.
As a general rule I've found my customers, people who order their friends or family a caricature as a gift, are almost all fun people and great to meet. They may put me 'through the hoops' during the commission but then again my proofing system invites that. The great thing is they come back for another one - three of these are from returning clients. Worth going the extra yard I guess.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Mrs Slocombe

A speed painting exercise that I probably couldn't have picked a more difficult subject for. Caricaturing a caricature. Mrs Slocombe is the role that Mollie Sugden made part of British TV folklore in the very dated 'Are you being served'. Mollie died this week aged 86.
She had more 'pussy' one liners than most blue stand up comedians !
In a week when the world is grief stricken over the death of a talented but very strange man, who you would have wanted under Police surveillance if he lived in your street, Mollie and a couple of others got overlooked.
Not at all happy with it BTW - but there you go !!

Little Un's ...

Something I've not really done many of is child caricatures - these are from a recent commission. I found them really difficult - you can get away with a slip or two on an adults face but it screams at you if you do it on a kids face.
We, caricaturists that is, often struggle with beautiful women. When doing children, particularly when the clients are the parents, is even harder.
After a bit of tweaking they loved them !