Tuesday 27 May 2008

Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

This was a 'mega' shot which I should have had my tripod set up for - 10 photos and almost a complete circle. This is Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake in Tasmania. Stunning scenery.
These really don't work well in a Blog so I'm going to do a web page with them ( I opened my Panoramas folder and found I've got loads and many I haven't stitched yet and several VR walk throughs )
I'll post the link here.

Canal Rocks Panorama ....

This is a panorama taken 18 months ago of Canal Rocks near Yallingup in the South West of our State. Four photos stitched together for this one.

The flying librarian ..

A retirement caricature for a librarian who, to everyone's surprise, had kept her pilots licence a secret for many years !!!

Wednesday 21 May 2008

Angie Jordan

This is my attempt at Philadelpia, USA based caricaturist Angie Jordan. A self confessed 'Ninny !' and a very good artist and fellow NCN member. 

Monday 19 May 2008

Back into 'em .....

A few more commissions to keep us in firewood and food as winter approaches !!
The top one was put together with Comic Life software which is good for the strip cartoon style job. I must use it more - probably a good one for all the paraphernalia and sub plots that clients like in a caricature.

Saturday 17 May 2008

Brady's Lookout, Tasmania

A panorama I took four years ago in Tasmania. This is Brady's Outlook looking over the Tamar Valley just north of Launceston. Brady was a bushranger and sat here looking for likely victims travelling the road below.
Tasmania is a stunning island and we must go back there one day.

Friday 9 May 2008

Beautful misty autumn morning

Nothing to do with caricatures - I went, with my wife Nola, for a morning walk through the forest near Darlington Winery. There was a lovely mist that had all lifted by 10.30am. Luckily I had my camera took four shots and stitched them in CS3 ( you've got to try Automate > Photomerge it certainly beats the software that comes with my Canon ). This huge granite outcrop looks, when the mist clears, across the Helena River Valley. Not a sound and only a short distance from a city of 1.2 million people. Makes us realise why we left suburbia - magic !
(The original is a huge file - click on this little 'un to make it a bit bigger )

Thursday 8 May 2008

This digital malarkey !!!

People often ask - 'how do you do this digital painting stuff ?'. 
Well where do you start, I follow a conventional path, I sketch the face out on paper, with a 'real'  pencil, scan in and paint usually all on one layer. My weapon of choice is Photoshop CS3, there is other software, some much, much cheaper, but, they always seem to have 'bits' missing.
Once I'm in Photoshop, that's where I stay from 'first brush stroke to print'. 
The lovely young lady above was a recent commission if you look closely you can see the strokes - I mainly use the dark and light pastel brushes, particularly to finish off, it gives a more chalky/grainy effect, more realistic. A lot of digital paintings I see have that highly glazed look - like china dolls. I spend ages with a small chalky brush 'finishing' off - if anything I need someone else to walk in and say ' Oi, it's done - PRINT IT !!!'
The top picture is one I'm working on at the moment, for yet another 50th birthday, you can see I started from the jaw working my way up, big brushes to start with small, ones to finish.
I really love doing the faces, the little bodies and accessories are something the clients want and really irritate me. I often have three or four finished faces and avoid adding the rest until I feel like it. A body bottleneck. 
I've just got a commission for four faces, yep just the faces, and 'make 'em ugly' they say - now that's a real job.

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Elvis lives ....

Exactly how many people were born in 1958 ? It has been nothing but 50th Birthdays this year, I'm worried there will be a downturn for next year ....... an Elvis loving Footy fan.

Friday 2 May 2008

... yet another wedding

Hey I know you've seen this pose and theme before - but - it's popular and clients love it right down to the footy sock down the front of the lycra suit !!!  A lovely couple that have married as they both head into retirement.

Kamal Dollah

My take on Singaporean caricaturist and fellow NCN member Kamal Dollah.
.... and above is Kamal's response. He obviously slipped, or had a computer glitch, as he hasn't quite got my 'six pack' right. Thanks mate.