Monday 15 February 2010

Magazine style caricature ...

Here's a caricature format I've been toying with for a while - the bogus magazine cover.
It's a great platform for those clients that want to 'hang' that little bit extra on. It's very versatile in that the client has direct input and seems to nullify the need for all the artifacts that detract from some caricatures - and are the bane of most caricaturists.
They certainly look classy framed up and the first two clients that received them were really pleased with the end result.

Thursday 4 February 2010

More weddings ......

Just finished this one - with all the cropped / no background extras for wedding paraphernalia.
They loved it - I most admit wedding caricatures are heading for 50% of the business these days.
You've gotta luv 'em !!!

The final collage is a compilation of all the 'bits' on individual layers. For a wedding commission I supply, in addition to the main 'final' (either framed or made into an A2 guest signing board ), an image of the couple with no background for invites, thankyou notes and table signs. Two 'Facebook' avatars and often the artwork, with titling, for stubbie holders and what's been popular a sepia tone version for wine labels.
In this instance I also get a '59 Cadillac convertible for my clip art library !
( ... do that in acrylic .... :0) !!)

The big CAT ...

This is the backdrop to a current commission I'm working on. A Caterpillar 793D one of those big beasties that keep the mining industry in this state churning along producing the $ !!! ( so their employees can keep buying caricatures )
It took a lot longer to do than the actual job justified but I can reuse it for similar jobs - I can hear the purists mumbling already - I know.
It's business my boy !

It doesn't look so 'pretty' up close - the original was done as a large 300dpi in PS4. I have bought Illustrator to do these, but, I still haven't got around to learning how to drive it yet !