Tuesday 22 May 2012

.. and a few more jobs !!

Around Airshow's and V8 Supercars managed to squeeze in a few more commissions.
Nice steady - not too many - flow at the moment.

RAAF Pearce Airshow

Nothing to do with caricatures - Sunday I spent the day at the RAAF Pearce Air show just North of Perth.
I'm a bit of an Aircraft geek, having grown up living on airbases. My late father was a career RAF man.

Beautiful weather, clear skies and lots of noise !

I went to the 2005 show ( this was far better ) but spent the day watching through my camera lense.
Only took one worthwhile shot this year, B52 flypast, decided to just enjoy the noise and awe !

Traffic was a nightmare getting to and from the event - but I'll be back there for the next one.
I really must get to the big bi annual show in Avalon, Victoria.

Here's a snippet of the day's events from the local Channel nine news.

Monday 14 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note ....

I spent three days the weekend before last at the Western Australia V8 Supercars event at Barbagallo Raceway, Wanneroo. I worked for Samsung in the Vodafone Holden team marquee demonstrating the sketching abilities of the new Samsung Galaxy Note phone/pad. Using the standard installed 'Memo S' software I drew 'free' caricatures for all who wanted them. It was non stop.
The supplied stylus/pen has 128 levels of sensitivity but a combination of the size, and probably my eyesight, didn't make it too easy. The object of the exercise was showing off it's capabilities rather than promoting it as a mini Cintiq - all in all, certainly an experience.
Handy bit of gear though, beautiful HD screen.

...... and NO I'm still a 100% Apple man !!!