Thursday 30 October 2008

Just cruising .....

Just got back to the UK - freezing - after a brilliant cruise around the Mediterranean. As a first time cruiser I can thoroughly recommend it, in fact I'm being urged to book another one !!
A couple of days relax and off to the NCN convention in North Carolina on Saturday.
I could get really used to this lifestyle if the Australian Dollar didn't keep collapsing - when I get to Raleigh I'll be the one with begging bowl !!

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Up, up and away !!

... the suitcases are out and tickets all organised, passports in order. Time to head off on our little trip. First we fly to London then off to Italy where we will join a cruise around the Mediterranean - Naples, Messina, Alexandria, Limassol, Marmaris, Santorini and Katakolon ( .. what a shocking name dropper !!). Back to the UK then flying across to Raleigh, North Carolina USA for the NCN Convention ( which starts on 2/11 - they obviously misprinted the 11th of February !!! ) ........ really looking forward to it.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to update the blog on my travels.
We've organised the house sitter and Staffies have been starved for the last three weeks !!