Saturday 24 April 2010

The flying mother in law !!!

This client was particularly brave wanting his mother in law depicted flying on a broomstick for her 60th birthday - softened the blow by giving her a 30 year old's body !! ( I'm guessing it won't save him though !)
I've done a few of these 'march of time' picture galleries up the side of caricatures celebrating significant birthdays - cuts down on the 'clutter' clients often want to pile into a caricature !!

Just received the photo - she's over the moon !
It pays off to some times be 'nice' in caricature ........................

Thursday 22 April 2010

America's got talent - 1944 version.

Nothing at all to do with caricature ... watch from about 1.00 on. These dear ladies are now in their 80's, filmed in 1944.
Amazing - I wonder if they have back problems !!

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Camels and Pandas !!!

A couple of new commissions - a little bit out of the ordinary - a 21st Birthday caricature for a Panda lovin' girl and a wedding job for a couple getting married in Broome.
Broome is in the tropical North of West Australia, a popular tourist destination. Magnificent Cable beach is famous for sunset camel rides.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

How will it look ?

Wonder how your website will look on the iPad here's a site where you can check it out

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Headline shot ....

Another corporate job - in this one a Sydney bound executive is portrayed in a bogus front page story in what 'could be' a well known local newspaper.
Magazine and front page 'stories' are really working as a concept - everyone I've suggested the theme to has gone with it.
You're on a winner here Tel !!

Monday 5 April 2010

35 year anniversary !

Today - April 5th - is our 35th Wedding Anniversary ( I know, I know you get less time for murder !) - Nola and I tied the knot way back in 1975. I wouldn't say never a cross word ( .. and I don't believe others that say it either ! ) but she's certainly my best friend and deserves a medal for putting up with this grumpy old bastard all those years !! Two wonderful children are testimony we did something right - now if only they'd hurry up with grandkids.
Photo was taken on a Mediterranean cruise in 2008 and we're off for another one in September - Nola reckons she wished she knew sooner that she was actually designed and put on this planet to go cruising !!
This is going to be expensive ..... sigh.

The iPad cometh .......

Now anyone that knows me knows I'm a total devotee of Apple - a 'Machead' if you like - if you're going to spend all day working on a computer it might as well be a bloody good 'un !
The release of the iPad had me perplexed - I couldn't think of a reason to get one. I've got the big MacPro in the studio and a 13" MacBookPro for 'out and about'. I hide my Samsung mobile phone - let the side down there !
I've now found out now that the Sketchbook Pro iPhone App works on the iPad and ISCA compatriot Angie Jordan has been caricaturing on it on release day in the USA.
Very interesting check it out on her Blog HERE.
Release date for Australia is the end of the month.

Here's a caricature I did of Angie about 18 months ago .............

Sunday 4 April 2010

Tel - Caricature - Circa 1989

This was sent to me today - a copy of a caricature I did of a workmate some 21 years ago - 1989 ( and still a good friend today - despite the caricature - all true BTW !) I've blurred out all the captions mostly personal and obscene - that was the style of the time. Rotring pens and coloured pencils as we'd never heard of Wacom's and such things.
Scanned off the original - isn't that nostalgic !