Sunday 23 March 2008

Farewell Rumpole style ...

The client wanted a farewell for a lawyer, heading East, to depict him in the classic Rumpole pose - with a squash racket, X-Box and a picture of Borat in his 'mankini'  on the wall.
Mission accomplished !!

Happy Birthday with ............ transvestites !!!

A Perth woman celebrating her 40th at a Disco Fever party with two transvestites - one who had to have been a Rugby League player !!! The photos supplied by the client were really blurry but he reckons I made such a good job of the ' Trannies ' he has real concerns for me !!!!! - he's not the first to say that ....... :0)  ( these heels are a killer BTW !)

Police Sketch Artist

I come from a background of a Police Artist who now does caricatures - the reverse also works well. Made me smile - and is the basis of lots of Police Artist jokes.
ps .... found it on Tom Richmonds Blog 

Friday 14 March 2008

Geronimo !!!!!

Two weeks since I've posted anything, had a little break and managed to have some fun with 'Geronimo' AKA Gerald Koller, fellow caricaturist and member of the Austrian Police and an aspiring Police Artist no less.
It's the sort of fun not many clients allow you to do with their loved one's faces.
Thanks Geronimo - enjoyed myself !!